Borgo a Mozzano
It stretches along the right bank of the river Serchio, is from Lucca km.20 and is home to the Mountain Community of Media Valle del Serchio.
This ancient village still retains traces of architectural monuments and old of considerable interest.
Surmounted by an elegant short height Franciscan convent of the eighteenth century, the country consists of a series of old buildings, many of which belonged to a time Castracani and to Guinigi.
Among them, dominate because of their importance sixteenth-century Palazzo del Vicario, now the town hall, which also houses a small museum with archaeological finds of great interest and Palaces Roncini, Santini and Pellegrini, it currently houses the municipal library.
Borgo a Mozzano has 17 villages over the capital, are: Cerreto, Rocca, Piano della Rocca, oneta, Gioviano, S.romano, Motrone, Chifenti, Corsagna, Anchiavo, Cune, Dezza, Diecimo, Partigliano, Tempagnano, Domazzano, Valdottavo.