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The legend of the Dead Man of the Mount Pania
Omo Morto, The Dead Man
Among the Pania della Croce and the Pania Secca is the profile of a sleeping giant.
We all know as the "dead man" and is easily recognizable by both the Versilia and from Garfagnana, that from the valley bottom of the Serchio. Men Dead, Omo_Morto - Apuan Alps
It is said that many and many years ago, the Pania della Croce was not the Pania Secca and between the two peaks stretched vast grasslands here the shepherds all summer leading their flocks to graze.
In a year far away, a shepherd and a shepherdess met on those fields with their sheep and spent many afternoons together to make garlands of flowers, watching the distant sea, to confide their dreams.
Between the two young love was born, but the end of summer, the young pastor began to spend more and more time alone, watching the sea.
Omo Morto, The Dead Man
He thought the ship crossing the sea from Pisa, the Maritime Republic, a center of trade and wealth.
She began to worry about him, addressed the many questions and she was paying any kind of attention, but the young man remained mysteriously silent. One day, when the first clouds of late summer is presented threatening on the horizon, to the shepherds announcing that it was time to get off and return to their homes, the young pastor called himself his faithful friend and confided that he wished to leave the mountains, and go to the sailor, to know new places and new people.
So one day went to the sea. The young shepherdess stood alone on the steep mountains without losing hope, even for a moment, to see one day returning his love on the mountain pastures.
The months passed, the summer returns to pasture land, with its flowers, blue skies and white vaporous clouds as high as enchanted castles.
The shepherdess spent long hours watching the sea sets, praying God, who would return his lost love.
Did not speak with anyone, is excluded from the company of others and could find no solace, if not insisted in looking at the sea. Meanwhile, a boy, he had noticed her, which had risen on the pastures of Pania for the first time the summer.
He was fascinated by the beauty of the young shepherdess, the sadness that had made even more attractive. He had tried by every means to talk to the girl, but she fled from his presence without him a single word.
But one day the new pastor confided to the sincere and deep love he had for her and tried to understand the reason for his sorrow and asked to trust his penis. The shepherdess told the story of his ill-fated love and how it could not reciprocate the affectionate gestures and kind words of the new pastor who, throughout the summer, had tried by every means to help her to forget the past.
Every effort will be useless, then one day the young shepherd who saw what was done to free the shepherdess from the torment of the past.
He decided to climb the peak of Pania della Croce. The young man asked God which was suggested how to make the girl forget her love.
Was revealed that the only way, was to prevent the shepherdess sea view, but to do this he had to sacrifice himself, stretch to the ground and let his face was transformed into that of a giant stone, which would united the two Panie, hiding the view of the sea.
The young shepherd for the love of the girl agreed, and since that day, his face was imprinted in the mountains and was remembered by all as "dead man", "l'Uomo Morto".