The legend of the Wild Man of the Mount Corchia
One day, the Wild Man lefthis deep and dark cave in the Mount Corchia and went to the village where many shepherds lived. He stood there for hours staring at the shepherds as they were milking their cows.
As he realized that a lot of milk was thrown away, he left his hiding place and taught the shephards how to get butter from it.

Men and women were glad because of such an unexpected find. They thanked the giant and asked him to lunch.
The Wild Man tried and refused their invitation but the shepherds, hoping to learn some more secret from him, managed to keep him for lunch.

Just after lunch, satiated in plenty, the good giant thought it better to present his guests with one more precious teaching: how to get cheese from milk.
The shepherds, as pleased as punch with the new gift, didn't want to let him go. They hardly stuffed the giant with food and drinks to bursting point.

With his stomach filled beyond measure, the Wild Man made the shepherds promise him that, if he had given them one last secret, they would have let him go back to his beloved cave.
Against theri will, the shepherds agreed to the giant's request, so he taught them how to get ricotta cheese from milk.

The Wild Man had just left the village, when, laughing, he shoited to the shepherds: "you are stupid! If I had stayed longer, I would even hate taught you how to get oil fron milk!".
The inhabitants of the village tried and ran after him, but the giant bounded off to the wood.
For fear of more indigestions, the Wild Man never left his cave in the Mount Corchia again. Since then, nobody has seen him around.