The Farm
In the green Garfagnana, immersed in the Park of the Apuan Alps, in a confidential, allows you to reach in a short time, the natural and architectural beauty of the valley and Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the commercial center of this area where you can find the services and shopping.
The farm consists of two holiday houses: "Il Mulino" and "Le Vigne".
  • Holiday House Il Mulino
    "Il Mulino" ("The Mill"), immersed in the Edron Valley, allows you to spend a holiday for lovers of mountains and tranquility.
    The park consists of grass on which you can stroll in the cool of the many varieties of plants. The park extends to the river Edron, in which, during periods of hot, it's nice to bathe in its water from springs.
    The holiday house can accommodate 8 people. Details ...
  • Holiday House Le Vigne
    "Le Vigne" ("The Vineyards") is ideal for people looking for a holiday in complete relaxation and wellness in a structure from the details accurate.
    Located on its namesake hill, allows a view of both the sides Apuan Alps and Appennino Tosco Emiliano.
    The holiday house can accommodate 6 people. Details ...