The Garfagnana
The Fortress of Castiglione
The Fortress of Castiglione
Its medieval origins is documented by the destruction suffered in the 1170 and 1227.
Under control of the children of Castruccio Castracani became the most important garrison in the valley of Lucca Serchio.
In 1390 it was enlarged and equipped with towers and the second half of the fifteenth probably the intervention of strengthening the defense system of the village with the expansion of the walls and the construction of cylindrical towers.
The failure to act of dedication to the community Estensi of Castiglione, one of the few remaining faithful community Garfagnana in Lucca, and its subsequent isolation, made necessary themselves.
In the highest part of the village stands the fortress, as the core of the defensive system.
The Fortress of Castiglione - Panoramica.The Fortress of Castiglione - Garden.The Fortress of Castiglione - TowerThe Fortress of Castiglione - bell tower - in the background l´Omo Morto, the Dead manThe Fortress of Castiglione