The Buffardello and the Linchetto in Vagli
In this municipality there are interesting differences between one village to another, but even within the same village, about the Buffardello and Linchetto.

In Vagli di Sotto Buffardello and Linchetto are two names used to indicate the same thing, and this figure is amused to hide objects, to weave the tails of cows, to have them paw the ground, to beat on the chest of people sleeping, switching off the lights, for a native woman piara decay of the braids of hair.
"At the time of her grandmother, told a witness, said that the Buffardello was like a child, with red caps, once fell in love with a girl: gave food and drink, the combed etc.. . One day the girl is drunk and revealed the same age she was so beautiful thanks to the care of Buffardello, which for this had to die".

To escape it, you can put outside the door of a juniper twig: he counts the beans, he forgets the person who wants to harass and leaves, or the same purpose, you can have a night-shirt, white at the foot of the bed, with sleeves arranged in the shape of the cross: the Buffardello, seeing the cross, fled.

In Vagli di Sopra, in the interior of the old town, everybody knows the Linchetto, which is said Linchette, but not the Buffardello. The jokes are attributed to the beasts, making weight on the stomach to people who sleep, etc.. And some compare him to a cat. At the periphery, while not large, the village, however, are known to be the Linchetto that Buffardello, although the former is predominant.
Here is said to dispossess the Linchetto, you should put a cup full of rice on the bedside table: the Linchetto down the cup, he had to count the beans, tires and leaves.

In Roggio is known Buffardello, which attach the usual jokes, while the Linchetto is unknown.