Municipality of Careggine
Was a fief belonging to the Lords of Careggine, then passed to the Republic of Lucca and then to Estensi. Parish of the eighth century Photo - Door.
Church of Careggine
Church of San Pietro Church bell, Church of Careggine: Ancient parish church of Lombard foundation, with a stone altar and a statue of San Antonio (1563) attributed to Vincenzo Civitali; on the outer wall of the building is placed in an incision rock.
Ski resort. Photo of the village The Country of Careggine seen from Vianova

Church of San Iacopo in Isola Santa: cited by 1260, there was attached a small hospital then went into decline.
The village Isola Santa, CareggineThe Village of Isola Santa
Artificial lake where it reflected the Panie; medieval church; The village of Isola Santa beginning work on the first ChurchCartel wood
Marmitte dei Giganti (geological phenomena, movements).
Location: Le coste The village Le Coste seen from Vianova
Tradition, elves:The Buffardello and the Linchetto.