How to make pizza
Ingredients for 1 kg of flour and 10 pizzas:
- Flour type 00;
- Yeast (Lievito): 25 g
- Peeled minced: 800 g
- Mozzarella cheese: 1 kg
- Oregano: 1 big spoon.
- Salt: 2 tablespoons small;
- Olive oil: 2-3 tablespoons.

Optional ingredients:
- Ham: 3 slices per pizza;
- Anchovies;
- Vegetables;
- Capers.
La Bruschetta:
- Peeled
- Oil
- Sale

Steps to prepare the pizza dough:
1. Mix flour with water;
2. Add salt and oil to the dough;
3. Dissolve a cube of yeast in warm water;
4. Add the yeast dissolved in the dough;
5. Mix thoroughly in order to homogenize the dough;
6. Let rise the dough, covered with a cotton cloth, at room temperature for 1 hour;
7. When the volume is increased, deflate with a wooden pallet. This will be repeated three times.
8. The dough is ready for use.

Phase preparation of peeled tomatoes:
1. Add the chopped tomatoes, olive oil, salt and oregano.

Steps for the preparation of the pizza:
1. Take a portion of the dough about 1 hg;
2. Form, with the part taken, a ball and place it on a surface sprinkled with flour, continue this way until the end of the dough.
3. Cover and let rest for 30 minutes;
4. Take a small ball of dough with your hands, then flatten with a rolling pin, giving it the round shape of the pizza;
5. Place the chopped tomato on pasta, previously seasoned with oregano oil and salt.
6. Add the tomato, mozzarella cheese over pasta.
7. Add a little of olive oil on the mozzarella.
8. Optional: Add capers and anchovies, or ham, or vegetables, on the mozzarella.

Preparation of the oven:
1. The preparation of the furnace starts two hours before you begin cooking the pizza.
2. Heat the oven until to reach the white colour inside.
3. The shell of the oven becomes the first black, then white.
4. When the shell of the furnace took on the white colour uniform, lay the embers on the left. Sweep the oven from the ashes.
5. From this moment you can start cooking the pizza.