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Small thermal lake of Prà di Lama
Small thermal lake of Prà di Lama
Apparently that is a small lake where ducks swim some quiet. The reality is a lake of thermal origin. This we feel is touching the water that comes out of the pipe that feeds.
The lake is fed by several springs, some of which are underwater.
Usually no specific abnormalities, but the situation is far from stable.

Small thermal lake of Prà di Lama; source of thermal water
Sometimes that happens suddenly on the lake level is lowered, just after the fund-shaped funnel begins a kind of "eruption" which pours large amounts of muddy water in Serchio, color, for several kilometers.
Each time the banks collapse, swallowing trees and soil, and often in many neighbors see the trap of quicksand. The origin of Lake Pr� Lama is very recent: in 1826 in place of the lake there was a meadow, in the middle of which, at a copious spring, built a hut where patients were bathing and washing for therapeutic purposes . Within a few months, the hut was swallowed by the ground and a few meters away the ground sank, leaving the space for a small pond.
Small thermal lake of Prà di Lama
At 11 antimeridiane, 15 August 1828 made a strong roar wince the locals, and at the bottom of the hill was lifted a large quantity of muddy water with the air which is freed miasma mefitici who were considered the cause of a severe epidemic which for years struck two thirds of the population, causing a sharp increase in mortality.
On that occasion it formed a lake of forty meters in circumference and 11 deep but in 1842 was almost entirely disappeared.
Between February and March the following year a new movement of the land and the creation of ten sources of new enlarged the lake and the Serchio was colored by the mud to Km 25 to Borgo a Mozzano. Again in Pieve Fosciana and the surrounding areas grew out of disease and the mysterious deaths.
Small thermal lake of Prà di Lama
A century later, at the end of the 2nd World War, the lake had been reduced to a small pond that the locals were to "clean up" filling it with debris and waste.
But nature can not be so easily put down and new "eruptions" recreated the lake, still greater.
In subsequent years were created facilities for bathing with lots of rooms and baths in the first instance of stone, after the granite.
The turnout of people made structures ever occupied, especially on Sunday.
This lasted until the early 70's when one day the lake is awakened "swallow" the tall plants more than 10 meters, which were visible only the tops and doing much of the collapse of concrete buildings constructed for the baths. Now no trace remains.
Small thermal lake of Prà di Lama
In March 1996 he suffered before a sudden drop of about two meters, then a further extension.
The current circle is a few hundred meters. For nearly 150 years no longer feel and talk about epidemics of mysterious deaths.
Meanwhile eminent scholars pointed out the excellent quality of the water treatment sulfur-radioactive source of Prà di Lama (hot chloride-sodium sulfate or sulfur by simply remaining fixed 5.45 grams / liter, range: 2 l / s, temperature 37 degrees Celsius).

In the first months of 2017 there were other movements of the land and in the first months of 2018 the road that led to the fountain no longer exists, in its place the lake that has widened.
Laghetto termale di Prà di Lama
Laghetto termale di Prà di Lama

Site near Pieve Fosciana in Garfagnana.
To reach the village of Pieve Fosciana you must join Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, and from there take the road towards Passo delle Radici. Routes 3 km. we head right towards Sillico, then made a few hundred meters, take left on a dirt road a few meters, we reached the lake.