Roccalberti, hamlet of Camporgiano, part of the old town, seen from Island Roccalberti
Roccalberti is a fortified settlement based on a cluster ophiolitic.
The Ophiolitics are sections of oceanic crust and underlying mantle that have been raised or overlapping the continental crust to emerge.
These rocks are the subject of studies, one can in fact see some geology students engaged in their research.

Roccalberti is an ancient castle, not far from Camporgiano, with parish church dedicated to St. Stefano, belonged to the Marquis Malaspina of Fosdinovo and, together with others, was sold to the Republic of Florence in 1343.
La Rocca was in the highest part of the country. You can still see the remains of the walls.

The Church was enlarged in 1846, through grant bestowed by the Duke Francesco IV d'Este.
Roccalberti was common Giurisdizione Camporgiano and Vicar of the Province of Garfagnana, in the Diocese of Sarzana and the Archive of Castelnuovo.
Worth visiting the old country largely destroyed by a major landslide many years ago.
In the escarpment can still be found the old roofing tiles.

The old bell tower and some buildings, partially restored, which have resisted the landslide. The church remain in the rubble.